Safety & Environment


Bos Scapes is proudly COR certified through the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our first priority on any worksite is protecting our employees, the public, and our surroundings. We recognize the challenges of safely working around heavy equipment, utilities, and open excavations, and also the strain of physically demanding work for our labourers. To this end, we ensure that our employees are trained and educated in hazard identification and emergency response to help reduce illness, injuries and property damage.

Our Safety Coordinator reports directly to Bos Scapes’ senior management on all projects, and ensures that Bos Scapes’ safety program is up-to-date with current legislation.

Our health and safety program:

  • Provides all employees with the hazard controls necessary to safely complete their work
  • Provides effective training in:
    • Safety policies
    • Hazard identification & controls
    • Safe work practices
    • Safe job procedures
    • Emergency response
    • Requires safety inspections to find and eliminate unsafe conditions and practices
    • Requires investigation of all incidents and near-misses
    • Is reviewed and audited annually either through an internal maintenance audit or through an external certification audit


Our commitment to safety doesn’t end with our workers. We are dedicated to the stewardship of the environment around us as we work hard to improve our local communities. Our practices ensure that our environmental impact is limited.

The many ways that we work to reduce our impact include:

  • Wherever possible, using locally sourced material
  • Silt fence installation
  • Erosion blanket and turf reinforcement mat (TRM) installation
  • Hydroseeding and tackifying
  • Riprap installation
  • Routine maintenance of our equipment to ensure it is running well and has no fluid leaks
  • Wetland construction, live willow staking, aquatic planting and revegitation
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil and materials
  • Tree removals, clearing and grubbing
  • Reduced carbon emissions and fuel consumption by limiting idling time of heavy equipment and vehicles
  • Updating our fleet for the newest equipment and technology, limiting emissions and fluid leaks