Our mission is not just to meet our clients’ expectations, but to set the standard in the local commercial landscaping industry.

Landscape Construction & Maintenance

Bos Scapes Inc. has an exceptional amount of experience in landscaping parks, boulevards, playgrounds, sports fields, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. We also specialize in complete turf restoration management and reconstruction of golf courses and sports fields.

We manage all aspects of landscape construction from topsoil supply and placement, plantings, specialized drainage, retaining walls, and site furnishings.

Our landscape construction services include:

Hydroseeding services (roadway & construction reclamation)

Planting bed preparations

Planting: trees, shrubs, perennials, and aquatics

Flex MSE live wall installation

Silt fencing

Sodding – sod bed preparation & installation

Irrigation system repairs

Ashphalt pathway& paving stone installation

Concrete plazas, swales, and other features

Bioswales, French drain, weeping tile

Errosion control (ecoblanket, coconut matting, straw wattles)

Design and installation of irrigation systems

Landscape site furnishings

Retaining walls (natural stone, Allan Block, cast-in-place)

Slope stabalization

Landscape maintenance

Topsoil – supply, placement, custom screening

Civil Construction

Bos Scapes Inc. offers civil services, utilizing cutting edge GPS/laser-controlled equipment. Our skilled equipment operators are experienced with completing subgrade work, dirt-moving, and installation of culverts, wet wells, outfall structures, and much more.

Our civil services include:

Roadway grading

Topsoil – supply, placement, custom screening

Outfall and control structure installations

Parking lot construction

PVC & HDPE pipe installation

Wet well/pump intake installations

Rip-rap, riverbank stabalization, revegitation

MSE & lock block wall construction

Excavation/stripping & grading using laser-controlled equipment

Culvert installation

Storm pond construction, sythetic liners

Reclamation & Erosion Control

Bos Scapes Inc. sets the standard in the local commercial landscape industry for hydroseeding/reclamation and erosion control material installations. We have extensive experience in wetland construction, working in protected areas, and working with new and exciting planting techniques such as live palisade plantings and Flex MSE live wall construction.

Some of our reclamation & erosion control installation services include:


Erosion control installation ( erosion control matting, ecoblankets, coconut matting, straw wattles

Riverbank stabalization, rip-rap, revegetation, live palisade plantings


Roadway reclamation – topsoil and seeding

Construction of wetland areas, storm ponds, natural areas

Clearing and grubbing

Slope protection, silt fencing

Bioswales & drainage works

Flex MSE live wall construction